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Why Is a School Physical Necessary?

Yearly medical checkups are the standard for just about everyone at every age, the same is true even for children who don't have to deal with the same types of health concerns as adults. Because they are still growing they have health concerns of their own, and having a yearly physical performed by their Raleigh, NC, pediatrician can help monitor their progress and prevent complications later on. You can learn more by getting in contact with Dr. Ceyhun Ozturk and Dr. Maria Guerra of Little Oaks Pediatrics.


Many schools actually require a physical exam before the school year begins or as a necessity for taking part in school activities, primarily sports. Physicals aren't meant to disqualify or discourage anyone from practicing physical sports, the goal is to identify potential issues, and very often these can be assessed and managed with treatment.


Detecting potential health problems is but one benefit of a physical, even if it isn't necessarily required by the school. These physicals help keep track of your child's development, not just their bodies but also their social and mental development. These physicals are excellent opportunities for children to ask questions and to receive advice regarding difficulties in school, emotional concerns, and help with avoiding risky behavior.


Another reason why school physicals are very important, and often required, is because of immunizations. These physicals present a great opportunity to get your child caught up on their vaccines.

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During a physical, the doctor will examine your child's vitals, measure their weight and their height, as well as their blood pressure, and often a vision screening. The physical exam will often check on the heart, lungs, and stomach, as well as their musculoskeletal system. They'll also go over their medical history, which is especially useful for sports physicals.

If your child is in need of a school physical you can schedule a visit with their Raleigh, NC, pediatricians Dr. Ozturk and Dr. Guerra of Little Oaks Pediatrics by dialing (919) 720-4876.